Detox challenge

21 Days dedicated to Wellness!

Every year, a numerous amount of individuals set themselves up for failure by setting a new year’s resolution that is unrealistic and almost impossible to achieve.
They sign up for gym memberships, they hire personal trainers, and they sign themselves up for a fad diet that will most likely set them up for failure only to gain all of the weight they lost in a matter of weeks. This full body detox challenge is an invitation to create positive habits for yourself. To learn how to make the best out of the plant based nutrition you receive, and to apply the knowledge to your current lifestyle. This will strip any bad habits, and create a new routine that should last you for the rest of your life. This is not a fast way to lose weight although weight loss is a by product of the changes you will make to your diet. This is a total mind, body and soul transformation. You will never look at food the same way!

The 21 day dedication to wellness is a 3 week series: 1 on 1 coaching, includes an action plan, raw food meal plans, tons of information and support. This will compliment any yoga practice.


  • Enhanced Energy levels
  • Regularity of bowel movements
  • More resilient skin and complexion
  • Weight reduction 10-20lbs
  • Proper hydration
  • Enhanced will power
  • An overall sense of balance and wellness
  • Sound sleep
  • Eradication of cravings (sugar, caffeine, processed foods etc.)
  • Increase and enhanced libido
  • Supports a regular yoga practice
  • Increases mental focus and alertness
  • Lowers risk of disease
  • Boosts immune system
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates adrenals
  • Gluten free



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